How to Get Your Truck Ready for Off Road Driving

August 25th, 2018 by

2018 Ford F-150 STX in Lightning Blue on Trails in Woods
Looking to hit the trails around The Woodlands or Magnolia? If so, there are a few common-sense steps you should take to get your pickup truck ready for off-road driving.

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Off-Road Preparation Checklist

  • Check Your Ground Clearance. A low-riding vehicle can get caught on obstacles like rocks and brush, which lead to some serious damage in tough driving conditions.
  • Add Protection. If you’re planning to hit rocky terrain or other extreme off-road destinations, you should consider getting skid plates for the truck’s underside to protect the fuel tank and transfer case.
  • Get the Right Tires.  Tires designed for paved roads aren’t necessarily what you need for mud, gravel, sand, and loose soil. Off-road tires will be larger and designed to keep you moving in rough conditions. Be sure you have the right tires. After you’ve got the right tire, be sure to take care of them.
  • Consider 4WD. Traditional two-wheel-drive vehicles will be fine on most roads, but if you’re planning on serious off-roading you’ll want to be sure that your truck is equipped with a four-wheel-drive system. Not only will this help you navigate tough terrain easier, but it can help you avoid getting stuck, too.
  • Lower Your Tire Pressure. When you’re planning on going off the beaten path, slightly deflating your tires can be a big help. Why? Because it allows more of the tires’ rubber to connect with the ground, which improves traction.
  • Carry Emergency Supplies. Don’t get caught off guard if something breaks when you’re far from the road! Be sure you’ve got supplies like extra fuel, water, basic tools, and an air compressor.
  • Know What Your Truck Can Do. Know your vehicle’s limits. Take a few test runs in controlled conditions before you hit the truly rugged territory. Work your way up and be sure that your truck can handle what you’re going to put it through.

Get Your Off-Road-Ready Truck at Gullo Ford of Conroe

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