Out of State/Area Deals

Please be aware Gullo Ford has in place several items of importance for out of area/out of state purchasers/cash purchasers.

1) We do require a mandatory credit check to be completed regardless of bank or credit union or lender you may be completing your loan arrangements with. Cash purchases paid for with US Dollars do not require a credit check.

2) If you are arranging your financing with a bank or credit union, we will need 48 hours advanced notice with a complete address, phone number, and a point of contact we may contact for verification.

3) We have in place a mandatory use of Nationwide DMV services for state tax, title, and license fees your state may charge. We do not allow customers to do their own title and tax payments themselves.

4) Down Payments can be in the form of cash, wire transfer with instructions we can provide, or Cashier’s Check that is completely filled out by your institution.

5) All parties need to be present that are on the loan. In certain cases, we can overnight the papers beforehand and have the second party or spouse bring those papers with them when they come in. In those cases, a copy of the spouse’s valid driver’s license and signed docs can be brought in with the purchaser that is present for consummating the deal.

6) Autofi- You may complete most all documents under the finance tab if financing with Ford Motor Credit.

7) Wire Transfers- On out of state and out of area purchases, this is the quickest and preferred way to purchase. However, it must be completed Monday thru Thursday by 4pm
for Friday or Saturday deliveries.

8) A current state drivers license and full coverage insurance is necessary before taking delivery.

9) Until Gullo Ford has all completed documents required by the lender and the state, all monies owed in house, or a completed acceptable contract with one of our lenders, delivery cannot take place.