Ford EV & Hybrid Service in Conroe, TX

Charging the batteries of the electric motor. Disassembling the battery of an electric vehicle engine

If you’re interested in buying a new Ford EV or have questions about electric vehicle service, our team is here to help! At our Ford dealership in Conroe, we not only sell EVs like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning, we also service them.

If you’re wondering, “do electric cars need oil changes?” or want to see why owning an EV can actually be cheaper in the long run for maintenance costs, we’ll be more than happy to give you all the information you need. Schedule a Ford service visit with us and we’ll get your EV or hybrid in for the maintenance it needs!

Check out our electric car FAQs and reach out to our nearby Ford dealer if you’d like to bring your vehicle in for some maintenance.

Ford EV & Hybrid Service FAQs

Do EVs need oil changes? 

You can bid farewell to oil changes when you switch to a new electric Ford. EVs operate using electric motors that don’t rely on oil for lubrication, simplifying your maintenance routine. If you buy a Ford hybrid in Conroe, however, your vehicle will require regular oil changes.

What are my EV charging options?

Recharging your Ford EV is a breeze in Texas. Power up at home using a standard outlet for overnight charging or a Level 2 charger for a quicker boost. Plus, discover multiple public charging stations across Texas for on-the-go convenience.

Don’t want to wait to charge your vehicle? Buy a Ford hybrid or PHEV and the engine can effortlessly switch to gas when needed.

How fast can an EV charge?

Charging times can vary based on your model and what type of EV charger you’re using. The current three types of EV chargers include:

  • Level 1: Takes the longest but can be done from any 120V outlet in your home!
  • Level 2: Requires special installation by a licensed electrician, but can quickly charge your vehicle and is perfect for overnight charging.
  • Level 3: A Level 3 DC charger can charge your vehicle the fastest, with many models capable of recharging most of their battery in under 30 minutes.

How much will my EV maintenance be?

EVs offer reduced maintenance costs thanks to their simplified construction and decreased reliance on moving parts and fluids. Regular servicing such as brake checks and tire rotations remain essential, and you can trust our Ford experts to keep your EV in prime condition.