Top Tips for Traveling with a Dog

September 17th, 2019 by

Taking a road trip with the entire family can make for a great vacation, but sometimes bringing your pets can cause more problems than the trip is worth. Keeping the canine happy on top of making sure everything goes as planned can be a nightmare, so here are some top tips for traveling with your dog.


Bathroom breaks

Your dog will need bathroom breaks just as frequently as you do, if not more! Make sure to give your dog a good number of breaks along the way, as it will give them time to stretch their legs as well as keep any accidents from happening in the car.


Especially if you’re traveling to or from a hot destination, your pet needs to have enough water to stay hydrated. Make sure to bring dog bowls for food and water, and give your dog the opportunity to get some food or water with every break throughout your trip. Collapsible bowls help save space on your trip, and they’re easy to keep clean so your can avoid any messes in the back seat.


Dogs love a good road trip snack just as much as humans do! Be sure to reward your pet for good behavior with their favorite treat or use it to keep them calm if they start to grow anxious along the ride. Treats can also help get your dog in and out of the car at rest stops or other unfamiliar territory.


Toys are great for two major reasons; they can give your dog something familiar from home and give you something to keep them busy with when you get out of the car. Toys can help you give your dog’s legs the exercise they need during a break, and they can serve as an excellent comfort item for them when you get back in the car.

Collapsible crate? Seatbelt?

Keeping your dog secure in the car is a very important and often overlooked item when families hit the road. A dog crate (which can be collapsible to make for easy transport) or a doggie seatbelt are both great ways to make sure your dog doesn’t get tossed around the backseat while you’re driving. A crate can also be a lifesaver if you’re staying at a hotel or other area with stricter pet rules.

Make sure tags and chips are updated

The worst things that can happen on a road trip is getting separated from a loved one, and that should include your dog! Making sure your pet’s tags and microchips are up-to-date ensure that if the unthinkable happens, it will be easier to be reunited with your pet. Certain states also have different laws on shots and immunizations, so make sure your dog has all applicable vaccines tags hooked on its collar.

Keep routines

Breaking a pet’s routine can be a fast track to anxiety on the road, so make sure you stick to what you normally do at home. Have a specific time for dinner? Bathroom visits? Walks? Keep your dog happy and stress-free by adhering to all of these while you’re traveling!

Give them space

Even humans hate being cramped in a car for hours, so why should your dog have to be stuffed in the backseat with all the luggage? Make sure to keep your pet comfortable by planning a specific place for them in your car. Whether that be in the trunk or the backseat, you want to make sure that your dog has room to stand, sit, and even stretch its legs.

Pre-trip exercise

The same goes tiring out your dog before bed at home. Spending some time with your pet on a walk or playing fetch before getting on the road can save you from hours of frustration along the way. With exercise, your dog is more likely to relax in the car and even fall asleep, letting you worry more about the road ahead than the passenger behind you.


Regardless of how long you may be inside the gas station or restaurant, never leave your pet unattended in a hot car. Take turns heading inside on bathroom breaks so the car can be left on, and keep an eye out for restaurants or rest stops with outdoor areas that you’ll be able to let your dog get out and stretch.


Traveling with your canine companion doesn’t have to be a hassle when you keep these helpful tips in mind. Find the perfect vehicle that both you and your pup with enjoy, especially on long road trips, at Gullo Ford of Conroe.

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