Tips for Comparing the Ford SUVs

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All of the vehicles in the Ford family of SUVs have some similar qualities. For example, they are all safe, accommodating for families and stylish as well. However, it’s the unique differences between all of them that can help you make the decision for which one is the best option for your family. If you need a little guidance on the path to choosing the best one, we have some pointers for you that may help!

The Most Versatile

The Ford Explorer can adapt to many different environments. You can go from the from the rugged outdoors to the grocery store parking lot with minimal hassle. The Explorer has a Terrain Management System so your engine and wheels get a break unless you are going off-roading or on another adventure.

Ford Explorer

The Largest

If you need plenty of space and a top notch towing capacity, the Ford Expedition is the best bet for you. The Expedition has a towing capacity of 9,200 pounds, which will cover some of the toughest loads. In addition, this SUV has a spacious interior, perfect for your friends, family and essentially everything you would need to take with you in the vehicle.

Ford Expedition

The Most Environmentally Friendly

Not surprisingly, the Ford EcoSport is the right choice if you’re searching for the most environmentally friendly option out of the Ford SUVs. This vehicle may appear deceptively small from the outside, but there is plenty of interior space. You will see, on average, about 52 miles to the gallon. It is also incredibly agile on the road, allowing you to easily navigate your way on major highways and other roadways.

Ford EcoSport

The Most Practical

The Ford Flex is a wise choice for those who want a large towing capacity but may not necessarily want all of the space of an Expedition. The Ford Flex is capable of hauling 4,500 pounds and is smaller than the Expedition, but still has plenty of interior room. It also comes with all-wheel drive and advanced stability control.

Ford Flex

The Most Convenient

The Ford Escape can offer busy families a lot when they are trying to get around town. It also comes with excellent entertainment features that are kid friendly as well as safety features. And if your hands are full, simply swipe your foot under the rear of the trunk to open it.

Ford Escape

The Sportiest

The Ford Edge is your answer when it comes to the sportiest SUV in the Ford family. The Edge is known for its sporty and stylish frame, and technology that combines convenience, entertainment and fun all into one.

Ford Edge

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