Spiders That Lay Eggs and Spin Webs in Your Engine: Yes, That’s a Thing

February 9th, 2016 by

Far from the large and docile harvestman (not a true spider) pictured next to Ford’s new invention above, the yellow sac spider is both tiny, and aggressive.

The two species of Cheiracanthium grow to less than 0.4 inches long, yet inflict more bites on humans than any other spider.

Even more sinister, these tiny arachnids like to spin webs in tiny, protected cavities in man-made structures. Cavities like a vehicle’s fuel vapor line.

Because a strand of spider silk is as strong as steel, spin enough of them together, and you have a serious blockage on your hands. The yellow sac spider has already been responsible for at least two major recalls in other brands.

To preempt a sticky situation, Ford patented a “spider screen” which will be installed in all new Ford vehicles starting with the 2016 Focus RS.

Do you have to ditch your older-model Ford, and possibly burn it with fire?

You’re probably safe. Ford has been using a similar technology since 2004. This year’s update is just an improvement.

This has been another installment of “news you wish you didn’t know,” from Gullo Ford of Conroe – The Woodlands.

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