Road Trip Problems Solved: Holiday Travel Tips

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2018 Ford Expedition

The holidays are some of the most popular times to travel, and road trips are a top choice due to congested airports in the winter months. But how do you make sure that you have everything you need going from city-to-city, all while keeping your precious cargo safe? Here are some of our top holiday travel tips and reminders for your winter road trips.

Get a Checkup

Most drivers put off regular maintenance of their vehicles until things start to act funny. Take the extra precaution this winter to bring your Ford into Gullo Ford for a quick inspection and complimentary tire pressure check. This will ensure that your vehicle is running properly when hitting the road, as well as give you the confidence that your tires are properly inflated and can hold up for many more miles.

Plan Ahead

Every trip, whether on land or by air, has its hiccups. But one of the best things you can do is to plan for as much as you can ahead of time. Bad weather and road conditions? Create an action plan and budget for finding a hotel or campground to take an impromptu layover. Worried about too many bathroom breaks? Take a look at your map before hitting the road to find good restaurants and other attractions that will serve as a great memory as well as a quick pit stop to empty the tank.

Bring Some In-Vehicle Entertainment

Road trips can have their dull moments, especially on long stretches of country roads. One of the best things you and your family can do to prevent unwanted boredom is to bring the entertainment on the road with you. Create a playlist with songs everyone can sing along to or find games to play that are engaging and fun. The lightheartedness of a simple thing like a game or a song can make a huge difference in your family’s enjoyment of the road part of your road trip.

Stay Organized

Imagine you’re taking a trip on a plane when you’re packing for your road trip. Put clothes and other things you won’t need on the road in your larger bags to keep them in the trunk and build a smart road trip carry-on bag. Bring some of your favorite snacks, headphones, chargers, and anything else that will make sitting in the car for a couple hours an easy task. Keeping all of your bags organized will also help you stay on top of everything when unloading at your destination, making it that much easier to get out of the car and go.

Take Turns

The more licensed drivers on a road trip, the better. On especially long trips, having more drivers can be a lifesaver when ensuring the person behind the wheel is awake and attentive. If you can manage to incorporate driver changes into your pit stops, you can give everyone the opportunity to rest and recharge before having to drive again.

Ensure Your Vehicle is Ready for Holiday Road Trip Travel at Gullo Ford of Conroe

With winter road trips on the horizon, Gullo Ford of Conroe wants to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible. Swing by the dealership to get any maintenance you may need on your vehicle, or you can browse our inventory to find the perfect vehicle for your next cross-country journey.

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