How Much Does Auto Body Repair Cost?

August 4th, 2018 by

Ford Collision Center
It used to be that auto body repair meant nothing more than straightening steel and replacing damaged parts, but that’s changed as vehicles have become more complex. Nowadays, there’s more that determines the cost of collision repair.

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It’s impossible to mention exact dollar amounts — you need your vehicle personally inspected at a licensed collision center — but here’s a look at what will influence your repair bill.

5 Factors that Affect Your Collision Repair Costs

  1. Onboard Computers: Computers are now incorporated into the engine and other vital system. When repairs are needed, they demand specialty tools and diagnostic systems, and mechanics need special training to use them. There are also more parts to repair when the computer is damaged, so sophisticated computer programming can quickly drive up repair costs.
  2. Aluminum Parts: Aluminum vehicles tend to be lighter and more efficient than their steel counterparts. Unfortunately, aluminum parts are harder and costlier to manufacturer and repair, and you can’t just use steel counterparts for vehicles that were designed with aluminum.
  3. Luxury Features: Whether it’s adaptive cruise control making your commute between Conroe and Spring easier or heated and ventilated front seats keeping you refreshed in The Woodlands, luxury features are much appreciated. That said, they can make collision repairs harder and more expensive.
  4. Specialty Cars: Driving something like a hybrid or an EV can put you on track for expensive repairs if you’re ever involved in a collision. The same is true if you drive a top-tier luxury car. Some elite vehicles can see you paying up to $800 just for an oil change.
  5. Location: It’s a strange thing to think about, but repair costs can often vary according to your state. A CarMD report showed that drivers in New Jersey, the District of Columbia, California, North Carolina and Maryland pay the most. Drivers in Vermont, West Virginia, South Dakota, Delaware, and Iowa tended to pay the least.

Get Efficient Auto Body Repair at Gullo Ford of Conroe

At the Gullo Ford of Conroe collision center, we work with a wide range of insurers to help drivers keep repair costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality work. To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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