Stay Up to Date on the All-New 2021 Ford Bronco

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What You Need to Know About the All-New Ford Bronco

Many customers have pre-ordered their own 2021 Ford Bronco, but production issues at Ford have led to delays in the building and delivery of reserved models across the country. Supplier issues have resulted in delayed production of models with hardtops and extra features, and the Michigan Assembly Plant has pushed back production throughout. Gullo Ford is here to reassure you of your new Ford Bronco’s production as the year moves on and answer any questions you may have!

Is Michigan Assembly Plant still on track to begin customer deliveries this summer?

Yes. The all-new 2021 Bronco 2-door and first-ever Bronco 4-door is on-track for summer deliveries and Michigan Assembly Plant is just weeks away from starting volume production!


Of the millions Ford is investing, can you share how much is going to fix your hardtop supplier issue? And do you have a second or third hardtop supplier coming online?

Ford is taking all the necessary actions with supplier partners to get through the roof and commodity Bronco bottleneck. While Ford is investing millions of dollars to fix the roof supply issue, the benefits from that investment unfortunately will not materialize overnight. The goal is to build as many customer Broncos as possible at the highest quality this year.


Will you need to cut production this year because of the roof issue?

Ford is working as fast as possible to try and get through the roof and commodity Bronco bottleneck. The goal is to build every customer order as quickly as possible without needing to cut production this year. 


Given the challenges, will hardtop roof production continue for 21MY?

Yes. Orders with the molded in color (MIC) hardtop will be built throughout the 2021 Model Year. However, Ford production capacity does not match up with the actual orders received and as a result, those waiting for a MIC hardtop will experience longer waits due to roof availability.


You have communicated the hard top is constrained based on production capacity vs orders received, what about the soft top?

Based on current production forecast, there is an opportunity for those looking to get a Bronco quickly, to order a Bronco with a soft top. Avoiding key commodity constraints (Hardtop Roof, 2.7L engine, Lux or Sasquatch Package, Badlands/Wildtrak, Safari Bar or Trailer Tow package, etc.) will increase the likelihood for 2021MY production based on overall part availability vs demand.


When will Bronco customers receive an estimated delivery window communication?

Ford currently does not have enough foresight into roof availability to accurately provide a delivery window. Instead, Ford will continue to notify customers as their Bronco two-door or four-door model is:

Ordered – Order has been placed with Ford

Scheduled – Vehicle has been scheduled to an approx. build week (45-60 days ahead of production)

Built – Vehicle is produced and awaiting final calibrations and plant accessory installs. It will include the estimated arrival date.

Shipped – Vehicle has past final quality checks and is on its way to dealer. It will include the latest estimated arrival date.

Have all 2021MY Broncos been scheduled for production?

No. Monthly scheduling will continue with the following cadence:

First Week of The Cycle: First Edition orders

Second Week of The Cycle: Full month of scheduling

Subsequent Weeks: Scheduling runs until the operating plan is full


How are Bronco two-door and four-door First Edition customers impacted by hardtop roof production challenges?

All Bronco First Edition orders will be built throughout the 2021 Model Year with the previously announced MIC roof.


Will customers who have placed their order, now be pushed into 2022 model year?

As communicated previously, given demand, Ford anticipates deliveries to continue through the 2022 calendar year, with some customers getting a 2022 model year Bronco. Delivery timing is based on a number of factors including reservation timestamp, part availability, and the number of Bronco vehicles each dealer receives.


How can customers receive their Bronco sooner?

Customers willing to avoid key commodity constraints (Hardtop Roof, 2.7L engine, Lux or Sasquatch Package, Badlands/Wildtrak, Safari Bar or Trailer Tow package, etc.) will have a higher likelihood for 2021MY production based on part availability.

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